IU employee, prostitute engage in sexual relationship with student

Grover Browning, a senior network analyst at Indiana University-Indianapolis, appears to have carried on a sexual relationship with local Indianapolis prostitute Meghan Clark for at least two years, according to pictures originally obtained from the controversial fetish social media and pornography site, Fetlife. Both Clark and Browning appear to have carried on a sexual relationship with a social work student during that time as well, who will be kept anonymous, and reportedly introduced the student to the local BDSM community.

(WARNING: Several of the links attach to pdfs with images which may be explicit. Any nudity has been blurred out. Reader discretion is advised, as the rest of this article deals with sensitive topics. Featured photo credit: IU-Indianapolis and Meghan Clark).

Their relationship with the student

According to their respective profiles on Fetlife, Browning (@100PercentCale) and Clark (@Sassafrasgirl) are in a romantic relationship, whereas Browning and Clark are “pony” of and “being served by” the student (@tAllyHo), respectfully, indicating a type of sexual relationship.

Browning and Clark  can be seen engaging in sex acts and are otherwise pictured with the student in photos going back to 2022. 

IU policy

IU has a relatively stringent policy banning sexual relationships between staff and students when the staff member “has, or might reasonably be expected to have, responsibility for administering any aspect of the student’s educational progress or experience,” because of the power imbalance that would entail as well as other concerns. While Browning does not directly oversee any part of the School of Social Work, the University Information Technology Services likely contributes to all “student’s educational progress or experience.”

Clark’s prostitution and BDSM parties

Clark was the co-founder of INKink, a BDSM sex club that The Collegiate Commons recently discovered had covered up a rape confession. Clark left the organization several years before the incident, but she continued working as a prostitute, being listed on several escort sites.

Clark continues to regularly host BDSM sex parties at various locations in the city, including most recently at Waterman’s Family Farm, where she claimed on Fetlife she would “private message” the attendees. During past events at “the Farm,” as it is known, @tAllyHo has been used as a sexualized centerpiece

Waterman’s Family Farm claimed to be unaware of what was happening at the events.

For a time, Clark was also on the leadership board of subSpace, another local BDSM club that The Collegiate Commons recently discovered had covered up a rape, but left after an incident where the owner, Patrick Sullivan, punched a wall in anger. 

Despite bans being one of the few methods these venues use to prevent rapists and abusers from returning to prey on more victims, Clark made it clear in one of her posts that she permitted several of the people banned by subSpace to attend her parties. 

An individual confessed to a rape at one of Clark’s parties this February. 

Most of the advertising for these parties is done on Fetlife, which has faced controversy in the past for its ties to illicit sexual activity. The site hosted an “Abduction 101” forum which a man visited prior to abducting, raping, and murdering an Illinois college student named Yingying Zhang in 2017.

Clark and Browning changed their names on FetLife to @PiperPretty and @SuggestStrong respectively after this article was published.

This investigation was completed with the assistance of Real News Michiana. Several anonymous tips were utilized as sources in the article, and are the sources of most of the images.

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