IU Board of Trustees candidates running for June election

The Indiana University Board of Trustees election begins June 1. Alumni from any IU campus will be able to vote for trustee from a link that will be available on the IU Alumni Association website. There are 12 candidates running for the position, including current trustee Jeremy A. Morris, who is running for re-election. The following is a summary of the candidates, with information taken from their statements, an interview with The Herald-Times, and other publicly available sources.

Jill Maurer Burnett

Notable Experience: President of Maurer Family Foundation (namesake of the IU Maurer School of Law), involved in the leadership of several other philanthropic organizations

Indiana Resident: Yes (Carmel, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Believes student and faculty protestors should follow IU policy and city and state laws.

Raymond E. Dusman

Notable Experience: President of Physician and Clinical Enterprise, Parkview Health; cardiologist

Indiana Resident: Yes (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Wants to increase focus on student mental health, resolving physician shortage.

Andrew Flittner

Notable Experience: Principal at Independent Senior Insurance, Inc.

Indiana Resident: Yes (Hamilton County, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Supports having ideologically diverse faculty, supports freedom to protest but opposes tent encampments, does not currently support graduate student unionization.

Phillip J. Fowler

Notable Experience: Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Indiana Resident: Yes (Zionsville, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Wants more focus on internships and other work-based learning. Wants to better understand why graduate students are pushing for unionization.

Robin A. Hall

Notable Experience: Founding Partner, Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Premier Wealth Advisors

Indiana Resident: Yes (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Would support setting a cap on out-of-state students, wants an independent task force to investigate whether the use of force by administration to remove pro-Palestine protestors at Dunn Meadow was justified. Opposes tent policy change. Pledged to serve one three-year term and not accept any compensation.

Rebecca Mateja Lombardini

Notable Experience: Founder of Vision Quest consulting

Indiana Resident: Yes (Porter, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Supports graduate student unionization.

John McGlothlin III

Notable Experience: Certified Financial Planner, Southwest Retirement Advisors

Indiana Resident: No (Austin, Texas)

Notable Positions: Opposes Board of Trustees supportive response to campus administrators in light of protests at IU Bloomington.

Joseph “Joe” Meek

Notable Experience: Owner of Greenwood Smiles, Dentist

Indiana Resident: Yes (Bargersville, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Believes only students should be permitted at Dunn Meadow protests. Fiscally conservative. Would support graduate student unionization.

Christina Mendoza

Notable Experience: Senior Executive Assistant Chief People Officer and Chief of Strategy, Partnerships & Towers, Assistant to the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, U.S. Cellular,

Indiana Resident: No (Chicago, Illinois)

Notable Positions: Supports further diversity, equity, and inclusion measures.

Jeremy A. Morris

Notable Experience: Senior Counsel at Taft Law, commercial litigation and compliance

Indiana Resident: Yes (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Supportive of SEA 202, diversity and inclusion including diversity of perspective.

Patricia Mota

Notable Experience: Co-Founder SHENIX Latina Fintech (finance education, career development, etc.), The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement

Indiana Resident: No (Chicago, Illinois)

Notable Positions: Supports more university transparency, opposes rule change to Dunn Meadow protests.

Ellise Antoinette Smith

Notable Experience: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, IU Indianapolis

Indiana Resident: Yes (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Notable Positions: Appears to support calls for IU President Whitten and Provost Shrivastav to resign, thinks IU administration is in a “place of privilege,” and should have listened to concerns of protestors. Appears to support policy changes that would allow for graduate student union recognition.

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