Indiana Barstool accounts recycle deactivation April Fool’s joke

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” At least that is what students who follow an Indiana Barstool account must have thought this afternoon. The latest post on the Barstool at IU Indianapolis account said that it would be shutting down due to a “conflict of interest.”

“What sort of conflict of interest?” the reader who forgot it was April Fool’s Day might ask. “Is the account manager a school administrator? Did they step too far with one of their jokes?”

IU Indianapolis students, many of whom feel attached to an athletic team at Purdue or another university in Indiana, may have been surprised to find that Barstool at Purdue, Notre Dame, and Butler all made the same joke as well, although it appears as though Butler was the first.

Each of them mentioned a “conflict of interest,” using a very similar template. The joke spread outside of Indiana as well, with the Barstool account at St. John’s University in New York using the same “conflict of interest” statement.

Barstool at Texas A & M, however, appears to have used the joke before any of the others, although their account said “unforeseen circumstances” rather than a “conflict of interest” would lead to their account being deactivated. The East Carolina Chicks account used the same language, as did Barstool at UCLA. Barstool at Kent State University, on the other hand, said “due to a change in company structure,” they would be deactivated.

The Collegiate Commons is a statewide independent student news publication headquartered at IU Indianapolis. As an April Fool’s Day joke, we decided to give our readers false hope that we would start covering more sports-related news. So sorry! We do love IU Indianapolis Barstool though and wish it many more years of making the student body laugh.

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