Indiana University Bloomington Professor to speak on medical miracles at IUPUI event

Dr. Josh and Candy Brown | Credit: Room 4 Doubt

Room 4 Doubt, an annual apologetics speaker event aimed at addressing common challenges to religious faith, will be held on Feb. 22 at 7 pm on the fourth floor of the Campus Center. This year, the topic “Are Miracles Possible?”  will be presented by Indiana University Bloomington Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Josh Brown and his wife, professor of religious studies, Dr. Candy Brown. They will examine medical miracles and their experience evaluating them from a scientific and neurological perspective. During the presentation, students will be able to submit questions which will then be addressed in an extensive question and answer session.

The Collegiate Commons is honored to partner with a number of Christian organizations at IUPUI for this event, which will be preceded by tabling for students who wish to get connected into any of those groups. 

Brown has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers, and his research has primarily focused on functional brain imaging and computational neural models of higher cognitive function in both healthy populations in addition to others, including those with schizophrenia or addiction. 

Brown’s empirical perspective is sure to be a help in addressing what is largely a controversial subject even in Christian and other religious circles, namely the debate between the continuation or cessation of miraculous divine intervention. His interest was sparked by his own experience in recovering from a brain tumor.

Frank Turek | Credit: Clint Loveness/Wikipedia

“I don’t see a conflict between investigating matters of neuroscience and investigating claims of divine healing,” Brown said in a New York Times article. “The question is always empirical: What does the evidence say about what happened?”

Some of the more notable case reports he has investigated have been published in medical journals, including one blind woman who appeared to have regained her sight after being prayed over.

Last year, Room 4 Doubt brought in award-winning author Frank Turek to give a presentation entitled “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist,” which ended with a lengthy question and answer session. At least 400 people were in attendance.

Other partners for the event include the  LCMS-U at IUPUI, The Rock, Christian Student Fellowship, Simultaneously Just & Sinner Bible Study, Living Faith College Ministry, Ratio Christi, Chi Alpha, Intervarsity at IUPUI, and Cross Impact.

Students interested in learning more can send an email to the organizers here.

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