IUI to welcome inaugural Chancellor Latha Ramchand

Latha Ramchand, the first chancellor of Indiana University-Indianapolis, will take her place on campus on Monday of next week (Feb. 12). Since the retirement of Chancellor Nassar Paydar in the Spring of 2022, IUPUI leadership has been relatively transient as the higher education partnership prepared to break into its component universities. The split does not officially occur until July, so Ramchand will have slightly less than a five month head start as inaugural chancellor.

However, her duties will go beyond just leading the university. She will also serve as a faculty member with the Indianapolis Kelley School of Business, making use of her background in finance and economics as a professor. She holds a masters in economics from the University of Mumbai, and a Ph.D. in international finance from Northwestern University. 

Ramchand, who will be the first female chancellor of IUPUI, also has proficiency in four different languages, and experience in numerous leadership roles. 

The past five years she has served as the University of Missouri’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. Her time at the University oversaw increased enrollment and an expansion of the school’s Honor’s College, in addition to increased funding and improved resources for research.

Her focus on research likely played a role in her appointment as chancellor of Indiana University-Indianapolis, considering that Indiana University announced the creation of two  new research institutes last year. The two institutes, the Convergent Bioscience and Technology Institute and the Institute for Human Health and Wellbeing, are estimated to cost $250 million. IU also plans to devote $100 million to research focused on microelectronics.

“The energy and momentum around this campus is palpable, and impressive. From the focus on student success to the impactful research led by IU faculty in Indianapolis, it is clear to me that this campus is poised to become one of the most vibrant urban public research universities in the country,” Ramchand has said. “The opportunity to serve as the inaugural chancellor for an institution such as IU Indianapolis at this point in its history is truly special. I cannot wait to get started.”

In 2022, the faculty at the University of Missouri were surveyed, and many voiced concerns over a lack of transparency and communication about decisions made by senior leadership, including Ramchand, at the University. Ramchand however, said she took full responsibility for those evaluations.

To learn more about Chancellor Ramchand, you can visit this website.

Rachel Cooper is the general editor of The Collegiate Commons and a freshman at IUPUI. The featured image in this story is courtesy of the University of Missouri – Mizzou Facebook page.

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