Jill Maurer Burnett elected to IU Board of Trustees

Jill Maurer Burnett was selected to join the Indiana University Board of Trustees in an election that spanned the month of June until last Friday, June 28, according to an IU press release. Burnett’s father is the namesake of the IU Maurer School of Law. She has held several philanthropic positions, including serving as the director of Mickey’s Camp for the past twenty years (Photo Credits: Indiana University).

There were 12 candidates overall, including incumbent Jeremy M. Morris, as well as Indianapolis native Robin Hall. The election comes after a contentious school year, in which 948 faculty members voted no confidence in IU president Pamela Whitten, largely due to on-campus conflicts relating to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza and the response of the Whitten administration.

“I extend my warmest congratulations to Jill Maurer Burnett on her election to the Board of Trustees,” IU President Pamela Whitten said. “Jill will play a pivotal role in propelling Indiana University forward by fortifying our commitment to student success, fostering groundbreaking innovation and discovery, and enhancing IU’s contribution to the vitality of our state and the global community.”

There were 20,098 alumni voters in the election, although there were 774,828 living graduates as of 2023. Burnett received 3,830 votes, which was nearly 1,000 more than the runner-up candidate, John McGlothlin III, who lives out of state and was endorsed by the Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition because of his strong anti-administration and pro-union stance. He received 2,992 votes.

Burnett will now serve next to Donna Spears and Vivian Winston as elected members of the IU Board of Trustees. Six other members are appointed by the Governor, including W. Quinn Buckner, Cindy Lucchese, Cathy Langham, J. Timothy Morris, Isaac Torres, and student trustee Kyle Seibert.

“I’m thrilled to be elected as a trustee for my beloved alma mater, which has played a pivotal role not just in my life but much of my family’s,” Burnett said. “I’m looking forward to working with fellow trustees to ensure Indiana University continues to help students grow, learn and better our world.”

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