Stressed? Here are some mental health resources at IUPUI

With the first week of classes down and tests still a few weeks away, many students, especially freshmen, might not be worrying about their academic careers just yet.

Nevertheless, exams and major life choices are lurking just around the corner. 

When students are feeling stressed after changing their major for the fourth time, or are worried about failing an important class, IUPUI has some options that might help. 

There are many de-stress programs specifically tailored for finals week and other stressful times. Last year, for example, students could enjoy dog therapy in the University Library. 

Aside from the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the university offers other services like the Clinical Psychology Mental Health Center. This center has the same fee structure as CAPS, but it is staffed by clinical psychology graduate students.

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CAPS itself offers many options to students including six free individual counseling sessions and free group counseling, but requires appointments to be made where a professional counseling staff member will conduct an assessment. However, there is an emergency hotline available 24/7 at 812-855-5711, option 1. There is also a hotline available for students who have experienced sexual assault at any time at 812-855-8900.

Going forward, they will then direct students to the best course of treatment, whether it be individual counseling or other services. There is a list of off-campus providers available here.

Since students are often busy,  IUPUI also offers virtual services and self-screening tools to students.

IUPUI also offers TimelyCare for free mental and well-being assistance, which can be accessed through Canvas.

Other Ways to De-Stress

There are a number of other ways students can cope with the stress of college life. 

Evalynn Aleman, a junior majoring in psychology, for example, enjoys spending time outside or exercising.

“I’ve found that staying grounded is really important around exam time when I’m stressing or freaking out. Taking an hour or so to myself to work out, do a favorite hobby, or sit outside in nature are all ways I’ve used to cope.” Evalynn stated when asked about stressors during the semester. 

IUPUI also offers a number of community and fitness activities, since research shows that exercise benefits mental health, and the university has much for students to take advantage of in terms of physical health and community.

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Campus recreation also offers a membership for the semester that gives students access to the fitness centers on campus. For students that live on campus, this membership is included in their housing fees. 

IUPUI 2030 Plan

IUPUI’s 2030 plan addressed student mental health in their objectives, as well as increasing awareness of these mental health services offered by the school. Student support in mental health and wellness was also stated, making it a priority for staff and students alike to encourage one another to seek help if needed. 

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UPDATE: a previous version of the article said that the Clinical Psychology Mental Health Center was cheaper than CAPS, but it actually has the same fee structure.

Rachel Reiter is a recent graduate from IUPUI with her Bachelor’s in Health and Human Sciences. During her time at IUPUI she was actively involved in several organizations including the Christian Student Fellowship.

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