IU Board of Trustees vote to keep the Kinsey Institute, discuss other business

The Indiana University Board of Trustees met on the IU Southeast campus (Feb. 29-Mar. 1) in New Albany, Indiana, beginning on Thursday at 9:00 am. The last Board of Trustees meeting was in the Madam Walker Legacy Center in Indianapolis back in November. There were several notable items on the agenda for this meeting, including the creation of multiple new degree programs, the appointment of new faculty, and the potential spinning off of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction as a university-affiliated nonprofit. 

The Kinsey Institute

Last year, Rep. Lorissa Sweet spearheaded an effort in the Indiana General Assembly to eliminate state funding for the Kinsey Institute. Shortly after, plans emerged to create a new nonprofit for the Kinsey Institute to comply with the law. However, IU Provost Rahul Shrivastav put together a working group that recently came to the conclusion that IU could comply with the law without separating from the Kinsey Institute. 

The agenda still said “Approval is requested for the designation of the Kinsey Institute as a University-Related Entity in accordance with the University-Related Legal Entities Policy [UA-09].”

UPDATE: The Board of Trustees approved President Pamela Whitten’s recommendations to keep the Institute within the University.

“By endorsing the president’s recommendation today, the board’s action represents a clear commitment to the future excellence of Indiana University,” Board Chair Quinn Buckner said. “As a board, we look forward to our continued collaboration with President Whitten and IU faculty to shape the long-term trajectory of the university.”

A number of other items were also discussed.

A new subsidiary

The Kelley Executive Education Foundation, Inc. has also requested to establish a for-profit subsidiary company. 

New degree programs

As far as new degree programs go, there were plans to approve an Ed.S. in Higher Education Administration at IU Bloomington, a Master’s of Legal Studies program at IU Bloomington, a M.S. in Economics and Data Science at IU Bloomington, an M.S. in Nutrition at IU Bloomington, a B.S. in Community and Organizational Leadership Studies at IU Indianapolis, and a B.A. in Biology at Indiana University-Columbus. 

Building improvements

Several architectural design plans for improvements at IU Bloomington were also scheduled for approval, and a utility easement for the purposes of future development of 16 Tech is set for approval at IU Indianapolis. IU Northwest also plans to trade some real estate that was acquired to the Northern Indiana Public Service Company in exchange for real estate closer to the campus. It is unclear what type of real estate this might constitute. 

Faculty appointments

Several faculty changes also occurred. The inaugural chancellor of IU Indianapolis, Latha Ramchand, for one, was formally appointed at this meeting. 

The Collegiate Commons will be sure to follow up with any important updates. The next Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for June 13-14 at IU Bloomington.

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