INTERVIEW: Indiana Gubernatorial candidate Jamie Reitenour discusses faith, grassroots success

Join The Collegiate Commons for The Hoosier Reformer podcast, where our editor-in-chief talks to Hoosiers about the intersection of politics and faith. Today we have on the only candidate for Indiana governor with no political experience, Jamie Reitenour. She will talk about her faith, her platform and what convinced her to run for office and overcome a number of disadvantages.

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0.00: Reitenour talks about her initial exclusion from several primary debates, despite a Democrat and a Libertarian being invited to one in particular.

1.22: Reitenour talks about her grassroots campaign efforts, which have helped her to overcome a lack of name recognition to meet ballot access requirements for the primary.

3.16: She talks about ballot initiatives and why she supports them.

5:32: Reitenour refers back to her grassroots campaign as evidence that, despite examples like Issue 1 on abortion in Ohio, conservatives have the ability to overcome low voter turnout and out-of-state dollars to win statewide referendums.

7:45: She talks about the role of her faith in her decision to run, and how it influences her policy positions.

10:56: Reitenour references the book of Nehemiah as an example of Biblical leadership.

11:37: Reitenour talks about how she would emphasize Christlike leadership if elected.

13:46: Reitenour talks about how Christians can go about encouraging a culture of life, above and beyond the ballot box, as well as protecting life from womb to tomb.

16:39: Reitenour talks about medicaid cuts and how the private sector and nonprofits could help fill the gaps to make sure families are protected.

19:16: Reitenour talks about how to address high healthcare costs and healthcare monopolies in the state of Indiana, referencing her support for banning physician non-compete clauses (currently employers are banned from entering into non-compete clauses with primary care physicians in Indiana).

21:02: Reitenour references how her policies could improve access to healthcare for Hoosiers living in rural areas.

22:52: Reitenour talks about how she would promote intellectual diversity in higher education, explaining that she would want to have more of a presence on the university campus to speak with students.

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