IUPUI budgets over $100,000 for Social Justice Scholars, $1.5 million for DEI administrators

The Collegiate Commons recently decided to take a look at how student tuition and fees were being used by the Social Justice Scholars through the Multicultural Center at IUPUI. The budget received by The Collegiate Commons accounted for $107,840, albeit there were other, much larger expenses associated with DEI on campus, including $1,445,696 spent on DEI administrators. This comes as the IU-Indianapolis 2030 Plan calls for the expansion of several diversity initiatives.

$11,200 appears to have gone to a scholarship or multiple scholarships.

$2,000 was budgeted for general operating expenses.

$2,000 was budgeted for the Speak Out Cafe program.

$2,000 was budgeted for the Pass the Mic program.

$2,000 was budgeted for the Democracy Plaza program.

$2,000 was budgeted for the Real Talk Dialogue program.

$26,752 in student fees were used to pay for the programs. The Social Justice Scholars also run the Hash it Out Podcast, which discusses progressive political ideals, albeit they have only recorded one episode this year and it is unclear if they receive any funding.

An additional $64,240 in student fees was used from their Social Justice Education account, with $11,850 transferred from elsewhere and $11,875 already spent in August.

$51,500 of the student fees were budgeted for an employee’s salary, with an additional $20,888 in benefits.

$2,702 was budgeted for general expenses, and $1,000 for travel. 

The Social Justice Scholars also budgeted $4,000 for their alternative Fall Break trip, Indy Immersion, with $3,000 going to general expenses, and $1,000 going to travel.

In addition, they budgeted $6,550 in student fees for the Tunnel of Oppression, all going to general expenditures. The largest portion was budgeted for equipment rental, at $2,500. 

Other DEI Programs

IUPUI Tunnel of Oppression 2018 | Photo Credit: IUPUI

In addition to the Social Justice Scholars, there are several other diversity, equity, and inclusion programs that receive funding on campus.

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As one example, student groups affiliated with the Multicultural Center are allocated $900. This Includes the African Student Association, the Asian Student Union, the Black Student Union, the Filipino Student Association, the LGBTQ Student Alliance, the Latino Student Association, and the Native American Student Alliance. $400 given to these groups appeared to be allocated to “MC,” which may stand for multicultural, and $500 was allocated for diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the budgets were requested relatively early in the semester, several of these organizations did not have actual expenses listed in their budgets.

IUPUI also spends $670,922 on salaries for Multicultural Center staff, as well as $774,774 on Division of Diversity staff. That means IUPUI budgeted a total of at least $1,445,696 for DEI-related administrator salaries, $107,840 for the Social Justice Scholars, and $6300 for Multicultural Center-affiliated student organizations.

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