Purdue focuses marketing prior to Indianapolis campus launch

The IUPUI campus was awakened by a big surprise in December: Purdue Pete was in town! As IUPUI officially splits into IU-Indianapolis (IU-I) and Purdue in Indianapolis on July 1 of this year, continuing students and staff will likely see more of the black and gold mascot on the Indianapolis campus. Upon his visit, Pete was welcomed by continuing Purdue students in the Campus center, on the lawn chairs in Taylor Courtyard, and was even free to roam the city, as a personification of the university which would soon enough be expanding its presence in the city.

Letters in grass outside ET Building say “Hail Purdue”

On Jan. 16, the mascot could be seen at Purdue Day on the first floor of the Engineering and Technology building (ET). Upon arrival, students were met with a black and gold hallway filled with tables with information on getting involved as a Boiler Ambassador or a Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) leader. 

Boiler Ambassadors help to market the campus from a student perspective, while Boiler Gold Rush leaders help lead the Purdue orientation program, similar to the IUPUI OTEAM

If you are looking to get involved in either of these programs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Check out the Boiler ambassador Instagram page for more information: @boilerambassadors. 
  2. Keep an eye on your email for BGR leader applications.
  3. If there are any question regarding the BGR leaders, email Craig Johnson, Director of Orientation Programs.
Sign leading to Purdue Day tables

In addition to information about these two programs, there were also racks of Boiler merchandise at the event to help build an identity among students at the soon-to-be independent university.

Students had the chance to win some of that merchandise for free through giveaways, and the opportunity to get a picture taken with Purdue Pete or the Big Bass Drum. 

The event also presented an opportunity for students to ask any outstanding questions they had about the IUPUI split. Some of the most common questions are answered below.

  1. As a continuing student, there will be opportunities to continue some IU-I organizations, with some limitations on leadership positions. 
  2. There will be selective classes that Purdue in Indianapolis students will be able to take from IU-I. In this case, students would enroll in the IU-I class and follow the policies of the university. 
  3. Purdue in Indianapolis students will have access to virtual and onsite resources within Purdue University’s counseling and psychology services. 
  4. For any other questions, make sure to check the FAQ on the Purdue in Indianapolis page

Maria Santacruz is a junior at IUPUI majoring in interior design.

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