How do student government officer stipends compare in Indiana?

The Collegiate Commons recently obtained the undergraduate student government budgets for the three largest public universities in Indiana, Purdue University West Lafayette (PWL), Indiana University Bloomington (IUB), and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Previously, we have only reported on specific line items at Indiana University and IUPUI. In 2022, IUB had the largest allocation by far with $178,130 in 2022, PWL had the second largest allocation with $110,529, and IUPUI had the lowest allocation with $88,280.39. IUPUI, however, had the greatest proportion of their budget by far spent on stipends for officers. (Photo Credit: Indiana University/Indiana Architecture Database)

IUB spent $35,580 on officer stipends, which makes up approximately 19.97% of their total budget. PWL’s budget only listed $7,000 in officer stipends, making up 6.33% of their total budget, although it is unclear whether any non-cabinet officer positions receive stipends. IUPUI spent $46,036.67 on officer stipends, making up 52.15% of their total budget. 

The president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the USG at IUPUI all made $5,000 per year in 2022. The director of diversity, equity, and inclusion made $3,500 in 2022, although their stipend was increased to $5,000. On the other hand, at IU Bloomington the president made $2400 per year, the vice-president made $1920, the treasurer made $1600, the secretary made $1600, and the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion made $800.

Photo Credit: Indiana University

The officers of the USG at IUPUI have said that their stipends amount to approximately the campus minimum wage of $10.15, taking into account the number of hours they work per week. As of 2022, the president, vice president, and president of the senate were required to work ten hours per week, and the treasurer, chief of staff, director of initiatives, director of communications, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and senate clerk were required to work at least five hours per week. We reached out to the USG at IUPUI and will update this article accordingly.

The same requirements do not appear in statute for IUB, but it is likely that both IUB and PWL have a greater rate of participation and a larger number of seats in their student government, which may provide the opportunity for a greater division of labor or accountability among representatives.

PWL in addition spent $20,377.68 on conferences and retreats, IUPUI spent at least $9,400 on events with an additional $9,000 in sponsoring the events of other student organizations, and IUB spent around $19,000 on annual events.

At IUPUI, several of the university department student councils also received funding. The Liberal Arts Student Council, for example, received $19,000 in 2022-2023, and the Kelley School of Business Student Council received $11,744.06 but budgeted $18,997.05. The School of Science Undergraduate Student Council spent $6,092.73.

For more information about the USG at IUPUI, you can visit their website or fill out their contact form here

The Undergraduate Student Government at IUPUI meets on Fridays at 11 pm. Students interested in joining can apply to become a representative through their registered student organization. The Collegiate Commons is also looking to fill a senatorial position, which students can apply for by filling out the join form here.

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